About me (under revision)

I am Sten Dieden, a sole proprietor, consultant, and by training a creatively exploring analyst.

Professional qualifications, approach and services

In terms of education I hold a Ph D in Economics, specializing in Development Economics and demography statistics. Yet, for practical purposes in Africa I find Human Geography approaches more practically informative.

The services  I intend to  offer through this website is primarily as a team member naturally sensitized to local African needs, ambitions and capacities, suited to both  project design and impact assessment, as well as to liaison, mediation and matchmaking, supported by useful numerical analyses skills. The information and general thrust here has grown out of an eye-opening scoping journey in Tanzania in November 2017. The visit spurred many hours of fascinating desk studies of opportunities related to a planned cassava starch project.

Africa Experience

I have spent time with and in Southern and Eastern Africa, undertaking mostly unpublished analyses, between 1992 and 2010. In that period, I have spent approximately a half dozen years in total in South Africa, much of which doing research at the Unversity of Cape Town. For East African experience, Kenya was my first love, spending three months in Nairobi in 1992-93. Since then I have revisited four times, including a two months’ survey of firm in Kenya’s agro processing sector, and a similar spell leading pre-feasibility studies for Renewable Energy projects. I have visited Tanzania twice.

As an energy-for-development researcher with UNEP in Denmark I have also professionally visited and contributed to project implementation in Botswana, Mali, Tanzania and Zambia, specializing in socio-economic needs and impacts among target groups. The experiences over five years with UNEP Risø Centre are reflected here by a prominent feature of my approach, to profoundly respect and let African expertise lead the way for sake of superior knowledge and versatility with local circumstances. In course of that work I more than anything enjoyed and developed a knack for liaison with local, African stakeholders.

Personality measurements

If you are in HR and use DISC terminology; I gravitate towards the yellow with a dash of red, and an out-of-character affiliation with the blue. If you prefer Meyers- Briggs, I’d pick a creative ENFP hat alternating with an INFJ helmet, when times get strenuous. Below you can download my DISC profile and Strengths Finder Report as well as a CV. 

Sten Dieden DISC Profile

Sten Dieden Strengths Finder report